Our metal fabrication facilities allow us to work on a vast range of components. We are capable of fabricating small to large assembly work including high integrity machined components.

Producing welding fabrications used on the bottom of the seabed in the Oil & Gas sector, such as compensator assemblies and fish tail handles used on ROV’s in the marine sector. We offer a complete metal fabrication service, all on one site complete with full documentation packs.

Large metal fabrication work is handled with the assistance of a 5 Ton overhead crane and a 5 Ton manipulator.

Our multi-coded welders enable us to weld a huge array of materials including the exotic grades of Inconel and Duplex.

Having second operational facilities onsite including; Power Rolls and CNC Brake Presses, allows us to oversee the whole fabrication process from start to finish without the need to sub-contract the work.

Batch assembly work or one off parts are also accommodated.

Finished components can be supplied if required, from zinc plating to specialist subsea coatings.

If you require any further information on metal fabrication or would like a quotation please don’t hesitate to call our sales team today on 0191 414 1066 or Email: for further information.

High Intregrity Fabrication

We specialise in high integrity fabrications offering all customers a bespoke fabrication service. Supplying to customer's worldwide Impressive Welding are one of the UK’s number one supply of machined fabrications. With our in-house CNC multi axis machine shop we offer our customers a one stop shop. With traceability and documenting for verification purposes just as important as the fabrication work itself we ensure we provide each customer with exactly this to ensure peace of mind. Skilled staff, in-house services and our quality system work in tandem to ensure all aspects of our customers’ requirements are achieved from one offs to batch productions.

Machined Fabrication

Some of the popular items we manufacture are fish tail handles and ROV components used throughout the world. These parts are all machined and fabricated on site. We are so versatile we can accommodate large fabrications from machined shafts to complex machined housing assemblies. Impressive welding is what we are all about.....


We have the capabilities to work with an extensive range of materials giving us the flexibility to work on an array of projects and fabrications. Continually developing our weld procedure specifications and further developing our staff in line with the ever changing demands of our clients, the stock range has grown to include: Duplex, Inconel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Cast, Steel, Cast iron, Nickel, Hastalloy, Monel, Tool Steel, Copper, Phosphor Bronze and more.... Our multi skilled workforce ensures we are capable of working with a vast range of materials and to provide the correct paper work at the delivery stage we ensure all customer’s requirements are adhered too.

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